Energy Coin – Copper


Come see the magic for yourself!

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Size: 2.6 inches diameter

Weight: 70 grams

Types: Brass and Copper

Packing: Velvet pouch

#Courier charges extra as applicable

** Available only within India


Now, what are these energy cards?

Ans: These are reiki-charged cards, made available in two varieties:

  1. as a laminated card of about 3 inches diameter, and
  2. as brass and copper coins again in the same size.

We have charged them with Reiki and given them a base program or charge affirming that it provides the energy and enthusiasm you need to fulfill your actions.

Reiki, for those who don’t know, is a touch-healing technique, and a Reiki therapist is trained to impart positive energy to any object. The card has a Celtic symbol and the Sanskrit word ‘Tathastu’ on the front side, and the CT logo and the explanation on the back.

Ok, so how does one use it?
Ans: Own it, keep it in your altar or puja sthal, music room or any space that is high energy. In the morning or at any time you need to replenish yourself with energy, keep this card between your palms and affirm your need for energy. It is this positive energy which perform the functions you desire and manifest the reality you seek. Say Tathastu (So be it)  and carry it in your bag or book. At night, keep the card back in the altar to charge it again. 🙂

Ques: How does it work?
Ans: It works on the concept that anything and everything can be programmed. When we buy a Ganpati idol during Ganeshutsav and charge it with prayers and mantras, what are we doing? We are charging a Plaster of Paris or mud or paper idol. And that charged object reflects or exudes energy that we receive in return. When we are asked to play a guitar tune, we first need a guitar to play that tune. A guitar that’s designed, strung in a particular way so as to produce a sound that’s typical of a guitar. The idol and the guitar is what I call ‘base program’ because these have been programmed or designed in such a way that it gives you the energy to perform that task.

Without the idol, what will you charge? Without the guitar, what will you play? Without the TV, how will you tap airwaves? Without a Microsoft Word, how will you create documents? The point is that someone has created these base programs, and you on your part are adding additional programming to create the world you want – be it prayers for the idol, or strumming on the guitar, or watching Discovery on the telly, or creating letterheads on Word. These would not be possible if that base program is not there. And once that base program is there, you can create more things by adding a program of your own on it.

Made sense? 🙂 Or confused you more? 🙂 lol.

The card or coin functions on the same logic. There is a base program, and you can program it further as per your wish.

Ques: How many times can you recharge it?
Ans: As many times as you want.

Ques: Does it really work?
Ans: Well, logically it should. We believe that every card/coin will find its owner. You will get it if you are meant to get it. So, the attempt is not to hardsell It has worked for some who purchased it at the energy mehfil. I had posted their feedback to the group. 🙂 At Connect-Ticket, we all are programmed to raise abundant energy through prayers, good wishes, energy mehfils, CT meetings and much more. This card is an extension of our collective programming which we wish to share with all of you 🙂

Ques: What does it cost?
Ans: Laminated card: Rs 51, Brass and Copper Coin: Rs 501. Courier charges will be extra.

Ques: How does one own it?
Ans: You can get in touch with me or any of the core group members. 

Ques: How can it be delivered?
Ans: Through courier or speedpost.

Ques: Can it be gifted?
Ans: Yes, it’s an ideal gift for anybody – for students, those starting their careers, those who are unwell, those embarking on something important, etc. Basically, it will be useful as a gift for people who understand this concept and is open about it. 

Ques: Can it be couriered outside India?
Ans: The laminated card can be, not the metal coin coz we need to find out if metal can be couriered.



Mira Road, Mumbai

It (the CT event) was the most rejuvenating & exhilarating experience of our lives. The ENERGY LEVELS were AWESOME.

  • While we were leaving we collected our Energy Cards which Shridhar had voiced out towards the end of the session. Here is the experience we wish to share with the Group. First for my daughter Hina a 12th Std College –Goer who doesn’t get moved by things easily – not atheist but agnostic.
  •  The moment we reached home, she quickly changed, had a wash & dipped in the bag to remove her Energy Card
  • Holding it dear to her Heart, I could see the expression on her face with her eyes
    closed, she murmured a wish
  • She placed it in our temple
  • Early morning she got up, she went to see the card, smiling ear to ear
  • While we were leaving for the day she picked the card from the Altar & kept it in her Bag, I asked her what she was doing, she reminded Shridhar Uncle had said to carry it with you when you step out for the day
  • With her backpack & all we moved
  • Morning was anything but great, it was quite the opposite
  • Evening when I reached home there she was beaming with Smile telling me though the day had started on a bad note it went off great & whatever she asked the Card for had come true
  • I made her speak with you, Shri, she profusely thanks you for it
  • She has just made a wish on the card, holding it fervently in her hand & kept it in the altar for the overnight charging of energy

My experience has been a mixed bag of blessing. But I fervently believe in the power of our Intentions & Thoughts. One thing I would like to mention here is, you recount I told you last night, I have just been operated for kidney stone, well the matter is around a week old & despite pain killers I was having pain in my left hip around the kidney area.

Well since last night the PAIN HAS VANISHED. No Pain I am feeling relieved. When I entered the auditorium I was in pain, but in the Rhythm of the Night during the Drum Café I lost myself to the Beats & the Exuberance of the Group on the dias, especially Amit, I kept beating the drum, my index finger on the inside bears a reddish blackish mark still (could have done with his advice of removing the rings earlier), all said & done it was as if I was BEATING MY PAINS TO GLORY, MY LIFE’S AGONY, ALL GONE, in that moment I was free, gliding with the music, with the
tempo, the whole auditorium reverberating with the Sound of Music, the ENERGY DOWNPOUR, its gone, my pain has gone Shri.

Its so good to be back with the group after a hiatus of 11 years, it is only as if it were yesterday, we sitting in that Bandra temple, holding hands, praying, CONNECTEDLY PRAYING, for our Intentions, keep doing the good work Shri.

In whatever way I can please call upon me for any help, I want to repay, cause I remember you saying, energy exchange is a give & take process, what you take you have to give back. Shri your words ring in my ears today & always.


My hubby has reservations in his belief in the energy space but is open to mine.. I recharged the cards at our home altar the morning after the 11th b’day celebrations, and gave one to him as I carried the other. He calls me within an hour at work, exclaiming that the card worked for him… A move in his worklife he has been waiting for from Aug 30 2011 happened and he is on top of the world!! Reaffirms my belief in the energy flow and couldn’t thank you enough for soaking us in the flow you started :)) Thanks from my husband, Vinod and me 🙂


Yesterday (Aug 15), my daughter Sahana was very unwell in the night. She was continuously coughing and was unable to breathe, speak, eat and drink properly. As parents, Chithra and I were naturally very concerned. It was 12.30 am and we were in a fix as to how to relieve her of her troubles. Chithra was cradling her in her arms so that she gets some relief.

I had earlier taken an energy card specifically for her for her welfare. It was kept at my puja altar. I took it in my palm, uttered a prayer for her to receive the energy that she requires to recover her health, and kept it under her pillow. She drank a glass of warm water, and I asked her to lie down on her bed.

As soon as she put her head on her pillow (the energy card was below it), she immediately puked. By the time, we carried her to the bathroom, all the contents in her stomach were out, and voila, her cough dramatically reduced! She was able to sleep peacefully after that!

She has not fully recovered yet, but is on the way 🙂

Mulund, Mumbai

I have been through a lot of stress recently over my career decision. I don’t know if it is due to the card, but after the card came into my life, I suddenly feel this peace, a quiet contentment that whatever is happening careerwise is happening for my good.