How to get your energy back

Screaming bosses, manipulative co-workers, stressful work, dingy workplace, inadequate facilities…. can you analyse what is common in all these situations? Well, in energy terms, all of them are low in energy. Those who find themselves in these kinds of situations will find their energy drained most of the time, and they’ll end up wondering what’s going wrong with their life? They’ll go to the doctors complaining of body pain and a general feeling of lethargy; they’ll take a Crocin and think that their ‘health’ situation will be resolved. But what they don’t realise is that this is not exactly a ‘health’ situation.

Our body energy constantly fluctuates depending on whom we meet and what situation we find ourselves in. Just as a good home energy is important for us to work well in the office, the reverse holds true too.

Visualise this situation:

You have a quarrel with your folks at home. You carry that bad mood to work, mess up with your assignments, and face a screaming boss as a result. So what do you do? You skip lunch, stay late and try to complete your work. And you get more frustrated when the office air-conditioning is switched off after 6 pm and you have to work in increasing heat. Then, you travel in traffic-infested roads or rail, reach home wearily only to find your family watching their favourite TV serial with the volume turned on high. You scream. Family wonders what they have done to make you shout. They shout back, angry that they missed out on that crucial bahu dialogue all because of your stupid screaming. You munch some food that passes off for dinner, curl up in bed, and feel like crying and going away somewhere. But life has to go on. So…. you succumb to your situation.

This operates like a chain reaction, and you wonder why the world is such a big hell-hole? Is there a way out? Yes there is.

See it from an energy perspective. When you feel your energy drained, connect with sources that give you energy viz air, water, fire, earth and space. Translated this would mean

* AIR – Go for walks. Do deep breathing. Sit in an airy place.

* WATER – Drink water or splash water on your face frequently. Two-three baths a day also help.

* FIRE РEat warm food. Rub your hands together Рthis will generate  heat in your body.

* EARTH – Involve yourself in gardening or cleaning the house. Or if it’s okay with you, hug a tree

* SPACE – Give yourself time and space. Listen to music. Go for the movies. Watch the sunset. Play with children.

There are of course, myriad ways in which you can access or harness these sources of energy. The simplest thing to remember is whatever situation you may find yourself in, simply connecting to these sources will replenish your energy and get you ready to face the next challenge in life.