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CT is an entity, made up of a rainbow of energies pouring in from all around the world. It isn't any one person, any one age or any one gender. But it still is someone whose presence reassures you, just like it would with a family member. CT was started with the intention that when many people pray for a situation, together, wishing for its highest good – a shift happens. When one person knocks at the door, someone may not hear. But when many people knock, and knock loudly – the door is bound to open.


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The CT egroup was set up in 2001 to facilitate people across the world to be in touch with each other on a common platform to pray and support people in need. Most members of CT are part of this egroup and membership is open to all. Once you are part of it, you can post and receive prayer requests from strangers across the world,  in your email inbox. In CT, many of us know each other as email ids! You can post a request on behalf of someone as well. For eg., if you know someone who is unwell or needs to help - not necessarily health-related - you can post on behalf of them. Many people post for situations as well - like, for instance, if there has been a natural calamity in a part of the world and if a member feels strongly about it, he/she can post a request for group prayer to heal that situation. Many in the CT group have prayed and are praying for the Kashmir issue to get healed.

Does it really work?

To all who have journeyed with CT over the years, the answer is a resounding YES. Every request has witnessed a shift and transformation. What we sometimes perceive as an unanswered prayer, has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It also has humbled us, because we realised that we know so little and a higher Source is the Scriptwriter of all our stories. How quickly is a prayer answered? All we can say is, “Everything is answered and happens as per Divine timing”. We simply bide our time and continue to send out positive intentions into the Universe for the best to happen. You may or may not believe in the concept of God. But from all our collective experiences, at least we can say that there is something or someone Higher than us that knows better. We are all seekers on this collective, connect-ticketed journey.

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Gayatri Sarang

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How is a meeting organised?

Initially, CT meetings were held at a neutral venue, but since the past many years, they are held at members' houses. A CT meeting's purifies the energy of the house and that's the reason members love to host them. Typically, the requesting member puts out a mail in the egroup inviting members to his/her house for the meeting, giving details about the venue, date and time. The meet lasts about 3 hours.

How many members attend?

In CT, we go by the dictum that “only that many members will come as much as the house’s energy allows.” So, it has never happened that more people have landed up in a place designed to accommodate only a few. It is divinely arranged! On an average, about 20-25 members attend, and these could include non-members too who are curious to know what happens in a meet.

What happens in a meeting?

We start off by jointly uttering the sacred chant of Om. CT meetings are more about talking out one’s issues, about catharsis, about sharing and about listening. Strangers open up about deep personal issues in front of fellow non-judgemental strangers. And in this interaction, a beautiful friendship develops. Most of us at CT have bonded with each other in this fashion over the years.

What is a CV?

CV is the short-form for ‘creative visualisation’ – a healing exercise that the moderator conducts. It involves conscious imagining a patient getting well, and this imagery is expertly guided by the moderator, post which members share their experiences. A brief period of meditation ensues, followed by a refreshments session and more bonding. Members disburse post that only to promise to meet soon.