Lost in Paradise










 Natasha Sinha

23 October, 2014, Binsar, Almora, Uttarakhand

It was a crisp, sunny October morning in the fragrantly nippy, majestic Himalayan land of Binsar. The snow clad Nanda Devi peaks were sparkling like silver jewels, in all their glory as the morning sun washed down upon them. We were languorously waking up to a Diwali morning with some fragrant masala chai in the Eagle’s Nest cottage. The girls were rubbing their eyes and gleefully lapping the beauty of the snow clad peaks, from their bunk bed. Laila was still lying curled up against my foot, when Aarshia climbed down the steps of the bunk bed, and cupped her up in her arms.

It was our third morning in Binsar and a morning ritual on this holiday was to go downstairs and sit outside the patio steps and sip into cups of masala chai, while Laila ran around, sniffing the dew covered foliage as the girls gobbled up some chocolate biscuits. Aarshia would finish her hot chocolate after much prodding and thereafter we would all proceed for breakfast to the restaurant. Once again this particular morning we sat at the restaurant balcony, overlooking the serene Himalayas, sunning and savouring it’s beauty, while digging into some piping hot puris and alu and some locally made preserves. There were some blueberry and chocolate muffins that we washed down with our coffee. Holidays were meant to feast and forego thoughts of becoming fat and have fun, after all.

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