Welcome to Connect-Ticket!

When you are part of a connected community, it offers extra meaning and purpose to everyday life

We are a group of creative, vibrant people of all age groups, professions, nationalities and religions who believe in the art and power of collective prayer!

We call ourselves The CTzens! Come, join us! 🙂


How you can benefit

  • Get connected to a global community of care-givers, who belong to different demographics, professions and cultures.
  • Membership is free and open to all.
  • Experience the concept of ‘non-religious’ prayer where the intention to help is more important than the technique of prayer itself.
  • Get opportunities to do good and donate energy.
  • Experience the awesome power of collective prayer.
  • Get to host your own CT meeting in your city and create your care-givers circle there.
  • Be part of a global initiative to create a band od positive energy across the world.
  • Pray, donate, volunteer, counsel, listen, learn – CT provides you a sacred space for all this.
  • Feel free to leave anytime. Feel free to rejoin at a later date as well. There are no compulsions, rules or regulations to follow.

How it works

  • You need to enrol in the CT egroup – that is where all the discussions, counselling and energywork take place.
  • You can post prayer requests, and can even answer those that are posted. If you wish to remain silent, that’s also fine.
  • The more you participate, the more you gain.
  • Often, just on reading the discussions, you get your answer.
  • Members – especially in Mumbai – meet up physically once a month and also through video-conferencing.
  • You can be part of CT’s events – meetings, food donation sessions, fun get-togethers et al. 
  • You can also initiate events on your own. Just post your thoughts and get suggestions.
  • Lastly, at CT, healing happens because its members practise the forgotten art of listening. That’s the core reason why this community is so strong.


Connect-Ticket meeting coming up soon!

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    Sridhar speaks about the CT journey


TOI-Jan 2007Connect-Ticket has been written about in several newspapers which has helped increased membership.

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CT Decade Event 2010CT Events are annual gatherings of CTzens across the world. This takes place in Mumbai and is a big-ticket energy event.

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Check out the amazing experiences we have witnessed in CT over the years, thanks to the power of collective prayer.

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